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Jul 16, 2019
April started off as a really good reading month, but ended up not being so great towards the end because that's when I went into a reading slump that I couldn't really get out of it. I spent this month trying to catch up to my Goodreads goal so I read a lot of shorter books. It would've worked out if I kept it up but unfortunately, life had other plans. But, reviews!


by Vi Keeland

I don't know what it was about this book that didn't do it for me. I really thought this was going to be another one of those steamy books I love, but for the most part, it was okay. I think the past vs. present story line wasn't something I really enjoyed. While I get that the author was trying to show the tragic past of the male protagonist, I felt like it was dragged on too long. It could've been told as a prologue and then I would've felt more attachment seeing his side of the story as well. I found this to be a little predictable and overall meh in the sexy scenes.

Rating: ★★★

We Should All Be Feminists
by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I feel like this was waaay too short to make such an impact on me. I get why people love it and want others to read it, and in the moment of reading it (listening to it) I agreed. But now, I couldn't even tell you much about it. I think it would work better if it was expanded, but that's just my opinion.

Rating: ★★★

Five Feet Apart

by Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis

I read this book only because I was going to go watch the movie. I don't know much about CF, but I knew far less before I read this book, and while it may (or may not be) the most accurate representation with those struggling with CF, it shed some light into the difficulties CFers deal with on a daily basis and I think that's important. The story was, overall, cute and possibly a little unrealistic (but a lot of cutesy YA romances are). I think I did shed a few tears while reading it, and possibly while watching the movie, but I don't really remember why now. I enjoyed my time with it and I am glad I picked it up and went to see the movie after.

Rating: ★★★

The Ocean at the End of the Lane
by Neil Gaiman

I was mostly thinking "what is going on" during the entirety of this book. It was weird (which I expected) but also a little boring. I listened to it on audiobook and had a really hard time concentrating on what was going on and why things were happening. I know Neil Gaiman is very popular, but I definitely don't think his work is for me.

Rating: ★★

And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer
by Fredrik Backman

I think I would've liked this better if I had read it. I didn't feel that sad while listening to it and got a little confused in some parts of it, trying to figure out who was who. It also was a little forgettable to be honest. I get why so many people love it but I guess I was just not one of those.

Rating: ★★★

Faithful (The Mountain Man's Babies #10)
by Frankie Love

I kind of feel weird being one of the few to give this book such a low rating, but to be honest, I found this romance to be pretty ridiculous. I've never read any of the other of The Mountain Man's Babies books so I wasn't sure if reading this one (the last one) was such a good idea, but I gave it a shot. But as soon as the couple meet and basically fall in love in under 10 minutes, I found myself internally rolling my eyes. I think I would've enjoyed it if the couple spent more time together before deciding they were in love. I don't know, this whole book was rushed and the sex scenes were kind of jarring. I read the whole thing to see where it went, but I wasn't a fan and I am not sure if I will pick up another book by this author any time soon. Just wasn't for me.

Rating: ★★


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